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Viewing Party is a 4-piece band, located in the heart of the sunny city, Dubai. The group's founding members — Kasha Fernandes, Bentic Sebastian, Tesson Joe, and Nathan Rodrigues — all knew each other since high school but played in different bands across different genres. Upon completing university abroad, the members found their way back to Dubai and formed in February 2019 after a series of laid-back jam sessions; its humble origins rooted in a simple desire to establish a cohesive, collaborative unit of artists who could produce music for others to enjoy.

The group started their journey with spectacular performances at weekly open-mic nights. Determination led Viewing Party to discover music networks and other groups they could perform with and learn from; and this opened their doors to a brighter future. Since then, the band has performed at prime locations, such as Jazz Pizza Express at DIFC, Tribeca, Stars and Bars, McGettigans; in addition to making multiple appearances on Home Concerts UAE.

Aside from their outstanding music, each member also brings a diverse set of skills and competencies — their technical talent includes fields ranging from Engineering to Data Science. Their individual hobbies cover a range of interests across the spectrum — from photography and interior design to dune bashing in the silky desert sands. Their day jobs include a span of activities such as sales, relationship management, software development, data analysis and project management. Although as employees they are occupied throughout the day, they still find a way to meet up to jam once or twice a week, putting in hours of practice to showcase their outstanding performance at various star venues. 

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